Handyworker Program

The Handyworker Grant Program aims to preserve the existing homes by funding minor home repairs to ensure the health and safety of eligible low- and moderate-income homeowners within the unincorporated areas of the First, Fourth and Fifth Supervisorial Districts.  Grants will be made only to applicants meeting the following criteria:

Elderly (62 years or older), handicapped, permanently disabled, single head of household, or large families (5+ people) who occupy and have a vested interest in a single-family, residential property requiring repairs that are health and safety related.  Vested interest shall mean that the individual(s) is/are listed on the title/grant deed.


How To Get Started

  • Step 1. Confirm Your Eligibility

    The property must be owner-occupied.

    The property must be a single-family residence.

    The property must be in the unincorporated areas of the First, Fourth, and Fifth Supervisorial Districts.

    Some eligible minor repairs for the Program are:

    -  Minor Plumbing Repairs;
    -  Water Heater Blankets;
    -  Replacement or Repair of Exterior Screens;
    -  Installation of Smoke Alarms or Carbon Monoxide Detectors; and
    -  Garbage Disposal.

  • Step 2. Verify Income Eligibility

    The applicant/homeowner must be low-income and must meet the maximum total household income per program guidelines.  Income is calculated for all household members over the age of 18 years old. 

    The applicant/homeowner must have ownership interest in the property for a minimum of 12 months prior to the date of the grant application.

    L.A. County Median Income Guidelines

    *Income not to exceed maximum amount per family size.

    No. of Persons in Household Income
    1 $63,100
    2 $72,100
    3 $81,100
    4 $90,100
    5 $97,350
    6 $104,550
    7 $111,750
    8 $118,950







  • Step 3. Verify Property Eligibility

    You must live in the below areas in order to qualify.

    First Supervisorial District
    Avocado Heights
    East Los Angeles
    San Jose Hills
    Walnut Park

    Fourth Supervisorial District
    East La Mirada
    Hacienda Heights
    Northeast Whittier Island
    Northwest Whittier
    Rowland Heights
    South Whittier
    West Whittier

    Fifth Supervisorial District
    Angeles National Forest
    East Pasadena
    East San Gabriel
    El Monte
    Kagel Canyon
    La Verne
    La Crescenta / Montrose
    San Dimas

  • Need Additional Help

    Contact Information

    Maria Ortiz, 1st District Project Manager
    Email: Maria.Ortiz@lacda.org

    Lonii Prevost, 4th District Project Manager
    Email: Lonii.Prevost@lacda.org

    Cindy Tei, 5th District Project Manager
    Email: Cindy.Tei@lacda.org