Public Records Act Requests

  • Public Records Act Requests

    Pursuant to the California Public Records Request Act (CPRA), the general public may inspect or obtain copies of public documents by submitting a formal request.  The information provided below outlines the procedure used by the Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) to facilitate the processing of requests received under the CPRA, as set forth in California Government Code 6250, et seq.

    The LACDA’s Communications and Public Affairs (CPA) Unit coordinates responses to all public records requests.

  • Definition of Public Records

    The CPRA defines public records as “information relating to the conduct of the public’s business prepared, owned, used, or retained by any state or local agency regardless of physical form or characteristics.”  This may include, but not be limited to: correspondence, e-mails, handwritten notes which are saved in our records, reports, agendas and minutes, applications, bid documents, video recordings, financial records, and other agency documents.

    The CPRA and other laws exclude access to certain public records, including: attorney-client communications, preliminary drafts, notes and memos which have not been saved, home addresses, personnel, medical and similar files that reveal intimate and private details, and any information excluded by law.

  • How to Request Public Records

    All requests should clearly describe the requested records owned or retained by the LACDA.

    The public may request agency records via the following methods:   

    1.   By clicking the LACDA's Public Records Portal (Portal) 

    2.   By sending an e-mail to     

    3.   By calling (626) 586-1762.   

    4.   By mail/messenger to:

           Elisa Vásquez, Public Information Officer
           Los Angeles County Development Authority 
           700 W. Main Street
           Alhambra, CA 91801

    All requests for public records will be treated equally, regardless of the manner in which they were received.  The CPA Unit may ask that verbal requests be followed up with a written summary of the documents being requested to ensure that we have a clear understanding of what to retrieve; however, a written summary is not a requirement to process the request.  

    Please note, the Portal is not to be used for general inquiries.  If you have a general programmatic question, please visit our Public Inquiry Portal.

  • Responding to the Requestor

    The CPRA requires the LACDA to respond to the requestor within 10 calendar days. When more time is needed, such as when records are offsite or a response appears to be voluminous, the CPRA allows an additional 14 calendar days.  Within 10 days from the date of the original request, the LACDA will communicate with the requestor explaining the delay and stating the section of the CPRA that allows the time extension.

    The LACDA staff will communicate with the requestor when the responsive records have been identified.

  • Fees for Copying and Other Services

    Requestors pay direct costs for each page printed in response to the PRA as well as postage and related services based on the agency's current rates.  Although rates are subject to change, the current reimbursement rates (as of the date of approval of this policy) are as follows:

    Printed Copies
    15 cents per page; all pages are one-sided.

    Documents Saved to a Disk

    69 cents per disk + the printing cost for each responsive page printed for transferring to the disk.

    Email Response
    No charge for emailing; however, the requestor is charged for each responsive page printed and scanned for the email.

    The LACDA reserves the right to charge for multiple copies being printed of the same document if it is required to make the document suitable for release to the requestor, such as in cases where redaction is needed on the original document, and a second copy is made to ensure confidential information is no longer visible.  The LACDA reserves the right to waive copy fees if the total amount due is less than $5.00. 

    Requestors also pay the direct cost of any outside services, such as video or audio reproduction.  There are no charges assessed for staff time, emails, or information provided by telephone.

    Payments are made by check or money order to the “Los Angeles County Development Authority” and must be received by the LACDA before the requested copies are released.