Requests For Meetings By Foreign Delegations

The Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) occasionally receives requests from foreign delegations to visit for tours of our facilities or face-to-face meetings. Requests are received through two avenues:

1. Requests made directly to the LACDA from the delegation’s sponsoring agency; and

2. Requests made to the County’s Office of Protocol, which then forwards the request to the LACDA for approval to host a tour or meeting.

The LACDA’s Communications and Public Affairs (CPA) Unit is responsible for coordinating foreign delegation visits in accordance with the CDC’s approved policy.


In order for the LACDA to accommodate a request for a visit, the following criteria must be met:

• The delegation has been cleared by the Office of Protocol as a legitimate group of dignitaries;

• The delegation’s area of interest is consistent with the projects or programs offered by the LACDA; and

• The date of clearance by the Office of Protocol is at minimum 21 calendar days prior to the proposed meeting date in order to allow staff to schedule time for the tour or presentation.

To contact the County's Office of Protocol, please call (213) 974-1307.

The CPA Unit must confirm that the delegation meets the proper criteria before the LACDA can host the foreign delegation.


It is the responsibility of the foreign delegation, or their sponsoring agency, to arrange for transportation to and from the meeting location as well as provide interpreters for translation during the visit.

For additional information on the LACDA's protocol for requesting a foreign delegation meeting, please call (626) 586-1762.