Vermont Corridor

The Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) has been tasked to act on behalf of Los Angeles County as project manager for Vermont Corridor. The LACDA oversees and facilitates the day-to-day activities of design development, project entitlement, budget management, and ensures the cooperation of all necessary parties.

Vermont Corridor has successfully reached multiple milestones in the pre-development process. These milestones include the delivery of the Schematic Design package to the County, the finalization of the project description, and the scheduling of the first public scoping/community meeting.

The Vermont Corridor project includes the redevelopment of seven County-owned parcels spanning three city blocks of the Koreatown area within the City of Los Angeles. The project area involves three separate sites, each with a unique development scenario.

PowerPoint Presentation:  CEQA Scoping Meeting – May 25, 2017

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