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The Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) have partnered together to establish and administer a loan program that targets tenant improvements for ground floor retail/commercial spaces in Transit Oriented Communities (TOC).  The purpose of the loan program is to attract businesses to TOCs.  The loan program provides capital for property owners to build-out customized interior alterations (i.e. tenant improvements) in commercial/retail spaces for their small business tenants. Loans will be provided to property owners at low interest rates and flexible loan terms. 


Tenant Improvement Loan Program

  • Eligible Areas

    Loans will be made for tenant improvements in commercial/retail units located in Los Angeles County in any of the following areas:

    -  Within 500 ft. of a High Quality Transit Node*
    -  Within a Metro Joint Development Project

    Contact us at (626) 586-1856 or at Economic.Development@lacda.org to confirm that your location qualifies. 

    *High Quality Transit Nodes (HQTN) are defined as a major transit stop pursuant to California Public Resources Codes Section 21064.3.  A HQTN may be a major transit stop/fixed-guideway station or intersection of two bus lines with peak period frequency of 15 minutes or less.   

  • Program Guidelines

    The Tenant Improvement Loan Program guidelines are as follows:

    1.  Borrower must be the property owner or owner/developer*

    2.  Borrower must pass on savings to a small business tenant in the form of reduced rent or other flexible lease terms, such as reduced security deposits, free utilities, etc.

    3.  Maximum loan amount of $100,000

    4.  Maximum loan term of five years

    5.  Tenant improvements for the following types of businesses are not permitted:

            -  Fast Food
            -  Check Cashing
            -  Liquor Stores/Smoke Shops/Cannabis-Related Businesses
            -  Adult Businesses
            -  Firearms Retailers
            -  Formula Retail (chain stores)

    * If you are a small business that will be leasing a property, please contact the landlord/property owner to gauge their interest in this loan program.  

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