Becoming a Vendor

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA).  The LACDA procures for a wide variety of supplies, equipment, construction and consultant services.

Registering as a LACDA vendor ensures that your company will have access to view and download open solicitations and will receive notice by email of any solicitation over $10,000 within your specified commodities.  For purchases under $10,000, the LACDA directly requests quotes from a limited number of vendors registered in our database.  Registering in our database does not guarantee that a vendor will be awarded a contract with the LACDA.

The County of Los Angeles maintains a separate vendor database.  You must register with the LACDA in order to receive our notices and access LACDA solicitation packages.


To establish your
first-time account:

• Designate a Contact Person, email address and password

• Designate other Authorized Users from your company who will also receive notices and can view/download solicitation packages

To update an existing account:

• Only the registered Contact Person can make changes (address, telephone, commodities, etc.) to the account profile