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Call 211!  211 LA County, a 501(c)3 organization, is one of the largest and most effective resource lines in the nation providing access to comprehensive social services and disaster support for L.A. County residents.  With one phone call, clients are directly screened and connected with the service they need for themselves or their children, including shelters, meals, autism screening, veterans' services, substance abuse programs, health care and mental health services, and access to jobs.

For specific services and resources, please visit the websites of the following County of Los Angeles Departments, Community Development Commission (CDC) Divisions, and partner organizations by clicking on the agency's name:


Services and Resources

  • County Mapping Service

  • County Departments

    Click on the name of the Department to see their website. 

    Department of Consumer and Business Affairs
    For questions about:
    •     Complaints about Purchases, Credit, Car Sales, and Other Consumer Topics
    •     Landlord/Tenant issues
    •     Real Estate Fraud and Foreclosure Prevention
    •     Small Claims Court Advice
    •     Identity Theft
    •     Starting a Small Business
    •     Mediation Services

    Los Angeles County Fire Department
    Employee Service Section
    For Questions About:
    •     Fire Explorer Program for 15 to 21-Year Olds
    •     Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training
    •     Safe House Program to Ensure Temporary Haven for Any Child or Adult
    •     The Safely Surrendered Baby Law Allows for Babies to be Surrendered at any Hospital or Fire Station in Los Angeles County, No Questions Asked
    •      Important Fire Safety Tips can be found at::

    Department of Parks and Recreation
    For Questions About:
    •     Organized Youth Sports Programs, Playing Fields, and Walking Clubs
    •     Boating, Fishing, and Swimming Activities
    •     Miles of Trails for Bicycling, Hiking, and Horseback Riding
    •     Nature Centers, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Arts and Cultural Programs
    •     Seasonal Youth Day Camps and After-School Programs
    •     Low-Cost Health and Fitness Programs 
    •     Programs for Senior Citizens, Tiny Tots, and Adults

    Department of Public Heath
    Children's Medical Services
    For Questions About:
    •    Medical Services for Children With Special Health Care Needs [California Children’s Services (CSS)]
    •   Preventive Health Exams for Children with Medi-Cal Coverage [Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP)]

    Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention
    For Questions About:
    •     Injury and Violence Prevention
    •     Nutrition and Physical Activity
    •     Senior Health
    •     Tobacco Cessation
    •     Choose ‘Health LA’ Restaurants

    Communicable Disease Control & Prevention
    For Questions About:
    •     Acute Communicable Disease Control
    •     Immunizations
    •     Tuberculosis (TB) Control
    •     Veterinary Public Health
    •     Viral Hepatitis Prevention

    Community Health Services
    Community Health Services

    For Questions About: 
    •     14 Public Health Centers Offer Free and Low-Cost Services to Those Without Health Insurance or a Regular Health Care Provider
    •     Immunizations
    •     Tuberculosis Screening and Treatment
    •     Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Testing and Treatment
    •     Public Health Data

    Division of HIV & STD Programs
    For Questions About:
    •      HIV and STD Prevention, Testing, and Treatment

    Environmental Health Division
    Bureau of District Surveillance and Enforcement
    For Questions About:
    •     Food Safety at a Restaurant, Market, Bakery, Food Truck, or Other Location
    •     Obtain a Permit for a Food Business, Including Mobile Food Facilities
    •     Poor Conditions of Housing and Rentals, Including Bugs and Rodents
    •     Lead Poisoning, Unsafe Home Renovation, and Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality
    •     Unmaintained Pools with Standing Water and Mosquito Breeding
    •     Body Art and Tattoo Parlor Businesses
    •     Unsanitary Conditions in Public Places, Pools, Buildings, Facilities, and Beaches

    Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
    Lead Hazard Reduction & Enforcement

    For Questions About:
    •     How to Renovate and Repair Painted Surfaces that May Contain Lead-Based Paint (Pre-1978 Homes)
    •     How to File a Complaint about Unsafe Rehabilitation/Painting Work in Residential Buildings
    •     How to Get Tested for Lead
    •     Sources of Lead

    Emergency Preparedness & Response Program
    For Questions About:
    •     Community-level Emergency Preparedness Planning Strategies
    •     Public Health Emergency Volunteer Corps
    •     Medical Reserve Corps – Los Angeles

    Health Assessment & Epidemiology
    For Questions About: 
    •     Birth and Death Certificates
    •     Public Health Data
    •     Medical Marijuana Identification Cards

    Health Facilities Inspection
    For Questions About:
    •     Licensing and Certification of Various Health Facilities
    •     Nursing Home Complaints

    Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health
    For Questions About: 
    •     Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
    •     Health Insurance Enrollment for Families Regardless of Legal Status
    •     Referrals to Comprehensive Preconception, Prenatal, and Postnatal Services
    •     Social Support and Empowerment Classes
    •     Nurse - Family Partnership (NFP)

    Office of Women's Health
    For Questions About: 
    •     Breast or Cervical Cancer Screening
    •     Health Insurance Enrollment Regardless of Legal Status
    •     Heart Disease Risk Assessments
    •     Family Planning/Pregnancy/Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Substance Abuse Prevention & Control
    For Questions About:
    •    Antelope Valley Rehabilitation Center - Residential and Outpatient Treatment Programs
    •     Youth Treatment and Prevention
    •     Addiction Treatment Services
    •     Recovery Support Services
    •     Criminal Justice Programs, Including DUI Programs
    •     Alcohol and Drug Related Educational Materials

    County of Los Angeles Public Library
    For Questions About: 
    •     The 24-7 Virtual Library Offers Several Online Learning Opportunities
    •     Summer Reading Program
    •     Family Place Libraries Provide Education and Support for Parents
    •     Workshops and Volunteer Activities for Teens
    •     Ethnic Resource Centers Offer a Wealth of Information and Research Possibilities
    •     Early Literacy Books, Programs, and Activities for Babies and Toddlers
    •     Use of Community Meeting Rooms for Volunteer Group Meetings and Civic Events

    Department of Public Works 
    Report a Problem: 
    For Questions About:

    Building & Safety
    •     Code Enforcement
    •     Unsafe Buildings or Structures
    •     Unpermitted Buildings, Structures, and Grading
    •     Recovery Support Services
    •     Non-Inspected Permitted Work
    •     Property Rehabilitation Program
    •     Neighborhood Deterioration and Blight

    Flood Control
    •     Flood Zone Determinations
    •     Local flood and drainage deficiency issues
    •     Flooding Issues at Areas Affected by Wildfires
    •     Rainfall Records and Hydrology Reports
    •     Flood Control Channel Storm Drain Maintenance

    Environmental Programs
    •     Graffiti Abatement - Removal Hotline
    •     Industrial Waste/Underground Tank/Storm Water Inspections
    •     Trash, Recycling, and Green Waste Collection Services

    Road Maintenance and Improvements
    •     Road Improvements
    •     Road Maintenance
    •     Pavement Repairs (e.g. potholes, etc.)
    •     Parkway Tree Trimming
    •     Street Sweeping

    Traffic Issues and Street Lighting
    •     Traffic Signal Maintenance Hotline
    •     Traffic-Related Improvements
    •     Streetlight Districts
    •     Southern California Edison Street Lighting Repair Hotline

    Additional Services
    •     Public Transit Services
    •     Railroad Operations Issues
    •     Waterworks and Sewer Maintenance Services
    •     County-operated Airports 
    •     Sewer Improvement Districts
    •     Landscape Maintenance Districts

    County Bikeways
    •     Upcoming Bikeway Projects
    •     Planned Bikeway Closures and Bicycling Events
    •     Bike Path Maintenance Request

    Sheriff’s Department
    Sheriff’s Information Bureau
    For Questions About:
    •     Law Enforcement Services - Patrol Station Areas
    •     File an Online Police Report
    •     Sheriff Job Openings
    •     Crime Statistics
    •     Superior Court Information
    •     Inmate and Jail Information
    •     Digital Witness Program – “See something / Send something”

  • Partner Agencies

    California Highway Patrol, Southern Division
    For Questions About:
    •     Senior Volunteer Programs
    •     Youth Programs
    •     CHP 11-99 Foundation
    •     File a Traffic Complaint
    •     Driving Safety Tips for New Drivers and Seniors
    •     Child Passenger Safety Seat Inspections
    •     Salvage Vehicle Inspection

    Housing Rights Center  
    For Questions About:
    •     Information about Landlord-Tenant Rights
    •     Information about Housing Discrimination
    •     How to File a Housing Discrimination Complaint
    •     Community Outreach and Education
    •     Affordable Housing Listings

    UC Cooperative Extension (Los Angeles County)
    For Questions About:
    •     Adult Nutrition Education
    •     Youth Nutrition Education
    •     Gardening Workshops
    •     4-H Youth Development Program
    •     Water Conservation Education and Information
    •     Fire Safety Education and Information
    •     Integrated Pest Management Education and Information

  • Los Angeles County Development Authority

    Housing Assistance
    For Questions About:
    •     Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV)
    •     Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program (VASH)
    •     Project-Based Voucher Program (PBV)
    •     Shelter Plus Care/Continuum of Care Program (S+C/CoC)
    •     Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)
    •     HCV Family Unification Program (FUP)
    •     Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS)

     Housing Operations
    For Questions About:
    •     For the Public:
          •     13 Site-Based Waiting Lists

    •     For Public Housing Residents:
          •     Resident Councils
          •     The Growing Experience at Carmelitos
          •     Onsite Family Learning Centers and Recreation Programs
          •     Services for Seniors and People with Disabilities
          •     Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program and Childcare Program
          •     Clinical Services
          •     Community Development Foundation (CDF) Scholarships and Activities

    Housing Investment and Finance
    Family Home Improvement Program (SFHIP)
    For Questions About:
    •     Home Improvement Loans - 0% Interest and No Monthly Payments
    •     Loans up to 15,000 for Eligible Repairs 
    •     Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, Windows, Minor Code Violations, and More
    •     Eligibility Requirements: Low-Income Households in the Unincorporated Areas of Los Angeles County
    •     Energy Savings Program – Incentives /Rebates up to $3,000