Traffic Administration Services

Traffic Administration Services (TAS) provides customer service and court administration services to the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles (Court). TAS provides and manages staff assigned at various Court locations assist the Court and its customers. TAS also provides printed and electronic information regarding the Court and traffic violator schools, and provides real-time assistance to Court customers who contact TAS’ home office in Alhambra.

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TAS also administers the County’s Court-Referred Community Service (CRCS) Program, which works to improve and promote community service as a reliable and cost-effective sentencing option alternative to fines and incarceration. TAS establishes basic standards to assure consumer protection, defendant safety, and accountability in the community service system. TAS also vets and monitors community service referral agencies to ensure that these agencies meet CRCS program standards and operate in compliance with CRCS Policies and Procedures.

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About the CRCS Program